DoggyRide Original Dog Stroller Review

This Original dog stroller is a quality constructed product, based off of Dutch design. The Original dog stroller comes in a red/black color pattern, includes a safety leash set and safety flag, and can easily be folded with the release of just one pin. The ideal maximum loading capacity is 100-Pounds. This trailer is suitable

This Original dog stroller is a quality constructed product, based off of Dutch design.

The Original dog stroller comes in a red/black color pattern, includes a safety leash set and safety flag, and can easily be folded with the release of just one pin.

The ideal maximum loading capacity is 100-Pounds.

This trailer is suitable for dogs weighing up to 100-Pounds and with a maximum shoulder height of 26-Inch.

Interior cabin dimensions are 31.5-Inch L x 21-Inch W x 25.5-Inch H.

The product’s overall width of 30.5-Inch allows for it to fit through most doorways.

The upper roof structure can be unzipped in two ways allowing for you dog to use its personal sunroof, or have the entire front panel open.

The lower center of gravity provides better stability and allows for a dog to easily enter and exit the cabin on its own.

The cabin’s sturdy UV resistant side and front mesh panels provide constant air flow when riding but also protect the dog from dust and bugs.

Its durabability means that your dog will not paw at and rip a hole through these mesh screens. When not used as a stroller, the cabin can be converted into a bike trailer, with optional kit, or used as a crate or tent for a dog.

This product meets or exceeds ASTM standards.

Stroll With A Quality Stroller For Your Dog

Ride Safely and Comfortably

Just because a dog is ill, injured, aging or otherwise disabled is no reason for it not to be able to continue to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the wonderful outdoors with you.

With the help of DoggyRide, any dog can enjoy the outdoors with you.

A great base model stroller

Dutch Dog Design puts the health, comfort and safety of both you and your dog at top of mind when designing its DoggyRide brand of market leading dog strollers.

The DoggyRide Original stroller is the original inspirational product for the inception of DoggyRide dog strollers. Problem: The lovable but less mobile senior dog still wanted to enjoy quality time with his owner. Solution: Created a new stroller, specially made just for the dog!

Given its cabin size of 31.5″ L x 21″ W x 25.5″ H, this stroller is suitable for larger dog breeds such Samoyed, Labrador or shorter in length golden retrievers, or, multiple small dogs.The Original is a cost-effective and multi-functional solution to be able to take your senior dog outdoors for a stroll – to the park, to the market, around town to visit friends, or wherever your adventure may lead you.

Staying true to its adaptable nature, the Original stroller can be converted to a jogger-stroller or bike trailer with optional conversion pieces or kits. To make for a complete outdoors experience, accessory pieces include a cargo roof rack for public market adventures, a rain cover for rainy day strolls, or a luxury pet mat to make for a cushioned and comfortable ride. Considering all of these options, this stroller will last a lifetime.


This stroller will arrive to you mostly pre-assembled. Upon receiving it, simply remove it from the box, fold up both side walls, move the interior cross bar arm, located along the roof, into place and lock the crossbar with the included silver detent pin. Bracket push bar holders will be included in a small box. These bracket push bar holders are to be installed on the rear frame of the cabin by pushing the slits in the fabric aside and screwing the holders into place. The push bar arm can then be inserted into the holders and locked into place with the included silver detent pins.

Do not attempt to attach the push bar before locking the interior cross bar arm into place.

Now all that is left is attaching the wheels. The side wheels will attach to cabin by inserting the axle through the wheel center and locking them into place with the C-shaped locking pins. Finally the front stroller wheel is attached by first removing the front locking pin, inserting the wheel into the front reception tube, then passing the locking screw through the bottom set of holes, repositioning the nut on the opposite side, then finally flipping the silver lever back to secure the locking pin into place.

Ready to use the stroller for another purpose, this time at home? The stroller easily converts to a crate for long car rides or home use by simply removing the wheels and push bar arm.

The overall product width of 30.5″ is wide enough to be roomy for your dog(s) but still narrow enough to fit through most standard doorway.

Need to take your dog with you to your doctor appointment? To its doctor appointment? Need to do so on public transit? Now you can safely and securely take your dog with you in its own stroller.

Where will you DoggyRide today? Features Color: Urban: Brick Red/BlackDog size: Maximum 26 in/65 cm shoulder heightLoading capacity: 100 lbs/45 kgsOverall product height: 39″ or 41″ inches, depending on push bar positionOverall product weight: 40 lbsDimensions when folded flat: 31.5″ L x 21″ W x 4″ HTire size: Side tires: 20″ diameter, front stroller tire: 8.5″ air tireTotal product length: 56in./142cm.Side support rails so that your dog does not lean into rotating wheels

Product Features

  • Can convert to a bike trailer with optional kit
  • Side support structure and frame design prevent dog from leaning into wheels
  • Adjustable pushbar can be used at heights of 39 or 41-Inch
  • Front rain panel can be lowered to help protect your dog from the rain and other elements is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking "Fred's Best Pet Products and Pet Supplies Online 2019" to,,,,,, or


KellyJean says:

FABULOUS QUALITY STROLLER On March 8, 2012 my life forever changed. This is the day I rescued my precious angel. While driving to work I saw a car hit her hind quarters on the highway and without regard they just kept on driving… I stopped and had her taken to a local Vet who gave us bad news about her pelvis and rear legs. She would never walk the same again. So I paid the Vet bills and for two weeks I tried to find her a home to no avail. When she was ready to be released from the Vet, I took her home to live with our 4 Boston Terriers. SHE IS A PIECE OF HEAVEN TO ME! So I began showering her with the love she deserves and we are about to take her on her beach vacation and so friends on facebook recommended I look at a stroller for her. I researched and searched for the best one and THIS IS IT!!! I am amazed at the quality! I highly recommend getting the lux pad that goes with it. We bought both here on Amazon and we are well pleased. This thing is easy to push. I love the INFLATABLE tires,…

ThatWorks4Me says:

Love it! Fits all 3 of my Shih Tzus!! Love, love, love this DoggieRide!! I bought this so we can take longer walks & allow my 3 shih tzus to rest when needed. All three of them fit nicely – I’ve seen one of them lying down & looks like two of them if not all three could lie down at once if they wanted to. They love looking out the sides and no matter where they are inside all three of them can see out one or more of the windows. The DoggieRide original has a swivel front tire which I really like. I also bought the bike trailer attachment but have not used it yet.

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