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Vanessa says:

Oh, can’t resist a surevy.1) I have never been much of a cheese person. Growing up, my family would load up the cheese into all their foods, but I never really cared that much for it. Sometimes, in Europe, we get some cheese in the country, but never know what “kind” it is but it’s excellent! Since I started this diet I have learned to appreciate cheese even more and regularly. Shredded cheddar is good melted or cold, mozzarella too. Always been kind of a fan of Brie. Over the past year I tried goat cheese for the first time and fell in love!!! And I even learned to appreciate Parmesan and feta cheese, which I didn’t care for before.2) Time of day? Depends! 3) I don’t much workout to music anymore – I like music but I also like the sounds of the world. But I will say that, back in the day of CD players (before iPods and playlists) I would take in Ben Folds’ Whatever and Ever Amen to workout on the elliptical. Sets a good pace, and inspires!4) I have so many pet peeves. I actually hate it when people go out of their way to hold a door open for me. Or when pedestrians walk in front of cars, and when cars yield to pedestrians instead of just going by – pedestrians hold up cars much longer than cars hold up pedestrians!!!5) Been back to the gym made me proud.

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