Pet products online are the platform for the bloggers and writers who can post their articles here. If you are a writing enthusiasts then write for us by following the rules given below:

  • You have to submit the completed articles and pitches for consideration by filling the form available here
  • The word count limit for one blog is 500 to 800 while for writing the featured articles the word limit is between 1200 to 1500 words. In the case of original reporting, it is recommended to have first pitching ideas to the editor
  • For the attachment of complete articles, you have to upload the word file rather than sending the PDF file. Moreover, to provide reference of source try to use hyperlinks instead of providing the footnotes or endnotes.
  • Your articles must be according to SEO rules, free of plagiarism, and must be unique.
  • We receive very high volume so we first go through the article, check the uniqueness, and then send you feedback about the publishing of the article. In case if we don’t respond to you then you can send your blog to other publications.
  • Along with article provides the feature image
  • You have to submit your article one time only. Avoid submitting to multiple editors.